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Team Requests


The marketing team is responsible for documentation and production of media within the organization. Make a Request.

Event Reservation

This form is used to record an event to be held in 249Startups whether internal or external. Make a Request.

Service/ Material Requisition

The procurement team is responsible for acquiring external services or materials needed. Make a request.

Meeting room Booking

These Calendly links are used to book rooms within the 249Startups space : ( 101 , 102 , Kassala , Nyala).

Data / Tech

The team is responsible for the systems used  (Airtable etc.)and the Data being collected and analyzed. Make a Request.


The research team carries out different researches related to different projects, programs and ventures, Make a Request.


Time report

This form is used to log your daily tasks to track hours spent on each program  . Submit a report .

Leave Request

This form is used to apply for different type of work leaves from the HR Department . Make a Request.

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