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Sudan’s Monjid raises six-figures seed investment for its roadside assistance platform

Sudan-based car maintenance & roadside assistance Startup Monjid has raised six-figure (USD) investment in a seed funding round, it was announced without disclosing the size of investment. The investment came from GlobeTech, Sudanese company based in UAE in a deal facilitated by 249Startups in Sudan . with GlobaTech support, Monjid plan is to scale operations and invest into further growth. 
Monjid is a leading platform in sudan that offers roadside car assistance services to individuals and business through its hotline: 6174 and Mobile App .  Founded by Hashim Al-toum, a 24 years old electrical engineering student at Sudan university of science and technology SUST and Nasier Kamal a 22 years old electrical engineering students at Sudan university of science and technology SUST. It was first officially launched in November 2019 upon graduating from the Orange Corners Sudan Incubation program as one of startups coming out of 249Startups .

Upon completing the Incubation program, Monjid had served above 5000+ orders, which quickly rocketed their month on month growth in revenue to 15+% growth in the months following. Shortly after, GlobalTech started interest in Investing in Monjid through contacting 249Startups . Today, less than one year later Monjid raised seed round equity-investment funding from six figures in USD .The fund is provided by GlobeTech, a sudanese company based in Dubai that invests in technology related projects, the deal was facilitated by 249Startups following the Annual 249Startups Investors Demo Day last year .


“In order to build a successful business it might take you 10 years, so work hard and don’t give up, the market in Sudan is not stable so you have to find ways to generate income in order to sustain your operations, find the cracks in the market and use them for your advantage, but make sure it’s in your same field ao you don’t get drafted” said Hashim Al-toum.
Al-toum graduated from Orange Corners Sudan incubation programme . An initiative of the Embassy of The Kingdom of Netherlands in Sudan , implemented by 249Startups in collaboration with El- Nefiedi Group, Haggar Group, United Capital Bank, and Saleh Yagoub Group from private sector .
It works in helping young early stage entrepreneurs launching and growing their businesses. Where they received mentorship, training, legal services, access to networks & investors and more during the duration of the six-months period. The programme & The Hub provided them with business knowledge & networks he needed to start his business, and the mentoring and businesses consultancy and guidance, because he came “raw” as he described himself.

Monjid : Uber for roadside assistance

The idea sparked to Al-toum when his father was on a business trip from Khartoum to Wad-Madani where his car broke which cost him a lot of money.Months later he joined the Orange Corners Sudan Incubation Program as the youngest incubatee of the first batch  Monjid also targets vocational training schools graduates to recruit them upon equipping them with needed tools and knowledge which creates more job opportunities and maximizes their income through the growing platform  .
Monjid  offers 4 main sideroad services which are
  • tiers changing service,
  • oil changing service,
  • battery charging and replacement service,
  • and towing service.


Responding to COVID19

During coronavirus lockdown and upon joining a COVIrtual program to find solutions for MSMEs during Lockdown , the company added a fifth service which is car washing , it is part of their social responsibility towards the community, by providing a stable income for one of the segments that were deeply affected negatively by the lockdown, this service managed to empower and provide income to 15 young men who received an average of 9,000 SDG a month during COVID-19 lockdown, and their income jumped to an average of 27,000 SDG a month after the lockdown.
Furthermore, they devoted free services to medical service providers to participate in combating the virus. These services were supported by Monjid’s partners who are El-nifeidi group represented by Nissan and Al-barbari group represented by Hyundai, who also work with Monjid in providing training for their team, as Monjid insists that the team must receive training every three months to upgrade their skills.

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