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In the context of highlighting the efforts made in Sudan to Keep pace with the world economy, we were pleased with the webinar that housed a group of experts and specialists. The webinar discussed the importance of increasing the number of startups and attracting more Sudanese investors.

The webinar overviewed important points such as:

  • the situation of Sudan after the floating and debt relief.
  • The role of young entrepreneurs in the economic improvement and opening new job positions for youth.
  • How can entrepreneurs advantage on a personal scale from their businesses?
  • Encourage the Sudanese diasporas to invest in Sudan and support the youth projects.

The speakers gave a respectable amount of advice to entrepreneurs, encouraged them to stick to their ideas and businesses, and not to let common startups problems and bad times -they must have faced at the beginning- slow them down, they should adapt to the positive entrepreneur’s attitude which is to consist, stay focused and, work hard.

The youth and the leaders are the most important category, they should be connected and have full support to benefit from the international chances they might appear on the surface.

The main goal is to motivate the young entrepreneurs by their leaders, teach them how to be fearless, and not hesitate to take the available chances and apply. Dr.Asim mentioned that entrepreneurs should look for the Sudanese diaspora all over the world and ask them to invest in their business because they know Sudan and the situation at hand best than others.

In this context, we would like to announce that the application for the Orange corners-batch four programs is open. Orange corners Sudan program works on minimizing the obstacles entrepreneurs encounter by guiding, mentoring, and connect them with the investors so they can find the funding they need to improve and expand their businesses.

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