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Up to 50,000 Euro Funding

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6 Months Incubation

For Sudanese Startups

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Apply to be part of the 6th batch of Orange Corners Khartoum Incubation Program

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Frequently Asked

What is Orange corners Khartoum Incubation program ?

Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Implemented by 249Startups in collaboration with leading private sector companies: El-Nefiedi Group, Haggar Group, United Capital Bank, Saleh Yagoub Group, and Tirhal . The Program aims to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan by providing a 6-month incubation program that offers the necessary opportunities, skills, and access to markets to enable the youth to develop their business concepts and become successful entrepreneurs. 

Does the program provides financial support ?

Supported by OC Innovation fund and Funding of up to 5000 Euro per participant and further access to Growth Funding of up to 50,000 Euro . At the same time, Orange Corners Sudan serves as a bridge between these innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector, which offers a great benefit to all partners involved.

What is the eligibility criteria ?
  • Aspiring Sudanese Entrepreneurs / Entrepreneurs residing in Khartoum State during the whole full program period.
  • The age must be between 18 and 35 years old .
  • A student or graduate of a well-known knowledge institution.
  • Have a validated innovative business idea, or a start-up not more than two years in the Market .
  • The product or service responds to a local challenge/s in Sudan and is linked to the sustainable development goals.
  • Going to commit Full-time to the business & the program by attending all activities throughout the program period, if selected .
  • Disciplined Founder/team and a great commitment to work on the idea or project.
  • The idea or business be must be within the main priority themes :
    • Agriculture, food and Animal production Track
    • Digital transformation and financial inclusion Track
    • Logistics and supply chain Track
    • Energy and Mining Track
    • Health Track
    • Education Track
    • Manufacturing Track
    • Entertainment, arts and culture Track
    • Social Inclusion Track
What is this program about ?

The main objective of Orange corners Incubation program is to create successful entrepreneurs in Sudan. It focuses not only on developing business, but also on developing a new set of mindsets and personality traits that can interact with the local ecosystem and culture. Thus, 249Startups has designed a holistic educational approach to help aspiring entrepreneurs survive and succeed. But learning occurs only when knowledge and skills are absorbed and applied, that is, it leads to new attitudes and habits. The incubation program aims to enhance the competencies of entrepreneurs leading to positive change. This process of change should be facilitated at the level of startup founders, the startup team, as well as the level of startup KPIs.

What to expect within the 6 months program ?

Throughout the 6 months, the program offers a wide range of trainings and workshops on topics such as developing business plan, marketing, sales and growth, product development, technology, financial analysis and attracting investments, and others. It also provides networking opportunities with the business community inside and outside Sudan, coaching and mentoring through a very large network of entrepreneurs inside and outside Sudan.

In addition to providing a supporting space to work with internet, electricity and all the necessary logistical needs within the business hub 249Startups throughout the program period so that the participants can work from within their new home. Legal, accounting and administrative consulting services are also provided to the founders throughout the first 6 months and then another 6 months within the post incubation phase once the startup is successfully completed the incubation phase.

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