COVirtual Hackathon Report

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Problem Statement
As the pandemic is eating out on the Sudanese economy, Micro, Small & Medium enterprise, referred to as MSME’s a segment known to depend on their day-to-day activities to sustain their livelihoods, are extremely vulnerable, and are acknowledged to be in the frontline to be negatively impacted.They face many challenges trying to sustain their businesses throughout the pandemic. These challenges can include the temporarily closure of borders, interrupted supply chains and health risks, among many more. It can be also said that MSME’s in particular
will be directly aected due to commodity shocks, falling demand, as well as the prolonged curfew and lockdown periods.

Moreover, even if some MSME’s were able to withstand the oppressive situation, it is expected that they will only have limited funds to sustain themselves for a period of time. They will also fall short and become urged to lay o workers, contributing more to the already existing deciency in employment. Lastly, given that most of these MSME’s operate in a traditional manner, the position they are in might lead them to continue working in the same style, which will lead to an increase in their risk of contracting the virus.

The COVirtual Program
The word COVirtual came from combining COVID & Virtual, indicating that the program will be conducted virtually and will revolve around nding solutions for
challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The program is aiming to find solutions to the challenges facing MSME’s during this pandemic. It works as to address the main challenges facing them.

COVirtual Program Report


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