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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Working with over a decade of combined experience in the fields of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology, our founders have committed themselves to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan and helping startups to flourish.

Over the past 10 years, our founders began exploring & introducing entrepreneurship to Sudan through research and case studies of enablers in the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, and Nigeria, to obtain a better understanding of how they’ve reached where they are today in hopes of achieving the same in our country.Throughout the years our founders have been traveling, meeting people & attending conferences from Singapore to Silicon Valley, Milano to Johannesburg, going across Turkey & Dubai up to The Hague & Medellin learning and observing how these ecosystems function, followed by trying to implement the same in Sudan taking in mind the local culture, uniqueness & diversity of Sudanese entrepreneurs.

We here at 249Startups believe that entrepreneurship can act as a key with which the talents and skills of the Sudanese people can be unleashed to better our community and economy. 


Supporting entrepreneurs in Sudan by being their gateway to the world and reshaping economic communities.


Growth hacking the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan, Finding innovative solutions and providing exposure to scalable Sudanese startups through creating opportunities.

A Supporting community

We create an environment that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. 249Startups Hub is where startups and entrepreneurs grow together. This action aims to develop a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new startups in Sudan that will:Support and accelerate potential startups.Generate new startups.Develop new customized solutions

A Unique Startups Hub in Sudan

Our co-working space is not just vast areas with desks and chairs offering entrepreneurs a good facility and high-speed internet connection. This area is made to be exciting places to work that can improve startups productivity, where they will find peers entrepreneurs working quietly with their laptops, Coffee. If we to change the startups scenery and improve their productivity, we need to consider moving them from a private office or home to such co working space.

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