Productivity, Innovation, and Collaboration.

We create an environment that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration.

249 Startups co-working Space is where startups and entrepreneurs grow together. We transforms a space into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and connection and a real meaning of what we do.

This action aims to develop a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new startups in Sudan that will:

  • Support and accelerate potential startups.
  • Generate new startups.
  • Develop new customized solutions

A New Startups Space in Sudan

Our co-working space is not just vast areas with desks and chairs offering entrepreneurs a good facility and high-speed internet connection. This area is made to be exciting places to work that can improve startups productivity, where they will find peers entrepreneurs working quietly with their laptops, Coffee. If we to change the startups scenery and improve their productivity, we need to consider moving them from a private office or home to such co working space.

Connections to take you further

International and local mentors share their knowledge in a curriculum designed to promote growth for each generation. Our global network and connection with leading business inistitiutes  mean amplified reach and opportunities for startups that participate in the space.

A unique place to work

Located at the center of the capital khartoum, with high-speed internet & options for Desks, Stations and private office for your startup. The neighborhood offers affordable housing, hip and restaurants, and easy access to public transportation.

Mix all of that with a burgeoning entrepreneurial community, a collaborative environment, and the chance to work within the Innovation & entrepreneurship community more than ever before and you have the ideal spot for growth.





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