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Our One-of-a-Kind Hybrid Demo Day Experience


Sudan’s largest program for emerging entrepreneurs will feature its third cohort of graduated startups in mid-October.

249Startups & United Capital Bank, backed by the Orange Corners Innovation Fund (OCIF) from the Kingdom of Netherlands, will be introducing its largest innovation seed fund given to Sudan yet—a total of €100,000+ Euros. This fund will be given to a selected number of high-growth startups from the top 12 businesses who will be unveiled this Demo Day. Startups will also have the opportunity of receiving further funding from angel and impact investors within the 249Startups networks attending this event.

Hosted in the post-incubation phase, Demo Day celebrates one year of intensive work completed with 249Startups, the country’s leading early-stage investment company. Filtered from over 1,250+ applications, the 12 startups featured this Demo Day have successfully accelerated their businesses and demonstrated exponential growth since the beginning of the cycle in November 2020.

Demo Day is a one-of-a-kind function commemorating several sustainable and promising startups from each cycle. Our cohort being presented in this annual Demo Day joined the program in November 2020 with an accumulated revenue of less than $1,000 USD, who as of today accumulated $120,000+ USDan increase of over 11000% in revenue; and have created and supported 300+ jobs. The future for these entrepreneurs is bright, and the future for entrepreneurship in Sudan is even brighter.” – Mutaz Hassan, 249Startups Managing Director.

Demo Day introduces a great opportunity for the brilliant entrepreneurs working on very promising startups to showcase their growth and achievements to potential stakeholders: customers, partners, investors, companies, and more. Since 2018, 249Startups has successfully organized more than three demo days, giving more than 30 startups visibility and a chance to grow nationally and across the region.


The startups joining this October Demo Day are:


  1. SudaGarlic: agriculture platform specializes in the Sudanese Garlic’s seed development, farmers training, garlic processing, and marketing
  2. Mango Gate: a full-service language platform specializing in language training courses, translation, and interpretation, to help people communicate across language barriers
  3. Btagdary: a social enterprise platform that aims to empower women economically and socially through vocational training, professions endorsements training and raising women’s awareness
  4. Nasna: a fintech startup platform that helps grow and empower online businesses by managing their products, transactions, and customers
  5. Sunflower Energy: aims to revolutionize the alternative energy sector in Africa through the provision of portable, compact, pre-mounted and pre-wired solar energy generators
  6. Kalemna: a virtual customer service platform that aims to support startups and corporations by outsourcing the customer care and providing customized solutions that lead to customer satisfaction
  7. Tolivery: a telematics all-in-one tech platform for fleet optimization, driver management, and regulatory compliance across mobile operations
  8. Tjoint: a fintech startup provide solutions in the field of microfinance by facilitating access to microfinance and obtaining it from various sources, in addition to a loan management system, providing smart reports and analytics
  9. Tagga: tech-based food delivery service from best restaurants and home chefs
  10. Qanadeel: a content hub for creation and support content creation in Sudan
  11. Fanni: platform for on-demand home maintenance services through qualified and verified technicians
  12. Craft Store: online platform for producing and selling hand-made products reflecting Sudanese culture


On the premise of revitalizing entrepreneurship force in Sudan’s economy, 249Startups provides a steady pipeline of 20 to 30 new promising startups to the local market every year. Since the start, 249Startups has provided access to funds and investments of over 1 million dollars to 85+ businesses filtered from around 7,500 applicants across Sudan while helping startups grow customer base, refine their offerings, expand to new markets, and build strategic partnerships.

About OCIF

Orange Corners Innovation Fund (OCIF) aims to improve access to finance for early-stage startups that are enrolled in the Orange Corners Sudan incubation program. Orange Corners Innovation Fund is supported by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented in Sudan by United Capital Bank in collaboration with 249Startups.


Interested in investing?

To have the opportunity to be a part of our exclusive investor Sudan Angels business network, you can contact us and access exclusive information on the startups while connecting with the greater entrepreneur community through emailing ahmed@249Startups.com or hiba@249Startups.com .



Sahar Shihab Taha

Business Development Specialist





Note to readers:

This year’s Demo Day event will be a hybrid of in-person and online streaming for the Sudanese diaspora network to have the chance to tune in. This event is invite-only for investors and partners. To be able to attend, you need to apply through angels.sd.