249 Startups is a hub for innovative people.

249Startups is a social enterprise that fosters and supports bright and passionate entrepreneurs. Established in April 2018, with the initiative of developing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new startups in Sudan by providing them with an enabling environment and a set of different support programs and activities.

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Lillian Chreky

This was one of the most amazing experiences on our professional life as freelancing team. Thank you for the atmosphere, the positive vibe and all the great featues that you offer!


Marketing Group

All the demands and business requests were met and processed with great attention. As a result we have a successful project and a team of great people who are awesome to work with!


Project Manager

We Give Creative Motivation & Impression


At 249Startups ,We perceive challenges as opportunities for entrepreneurs to solve , jobs that could be created as well as addressing the economic and social issues present in our community. We have always believed that entrepreneurship paired with the right networking & guidance is able to transform our community & economy.

We perceive ourselves as being a unique enterprise through having a localized global entrepreneurial culture, locally tailored design and content that addresses the needs of the community. With tremendous accumulated experience in working with entrepreneurs and startups in Sudan and access to more than 7 global startup networks.

In collaboration with our partners, we have proudly been creating non-stop educational programs, creating linkages to a wide range of private sector companies,service providers and early adopters for entrepreneurs, and creating job opportunities for our clients and more.

We create an environment that increases
productivity, innovation, and collaboration

249Startups  is where startups and entrepreneurs grow together. We transforms a space into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and connection and a real meaning of what we do.


Supporting entrepreneurs in Sudan by being their gateway to the world and reshaping economic communities.


Growth hacking the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan, Finding innovative solutions and providing exposure to scalable Sudanese startups through creating opportunities.


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