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About Us


Our Vision

Supporting Entrepreneurship across the region, creating opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Investors  and reshaping economic communities.


Our Approach

249Startups is an impact-driven enterprise that fosters and supports bright and passionate entrepreneurs. Established in 2018, with the initiative of developing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new Startups & SMEs by providing them with an enabling environment Network, and a set of different support programs and activities.


Our Mission

Hack the entrepreneurial ecosystem , finding innovative solutions and providing exposure to scalable Startups through creating opportunities.


249Startups By the Numbers

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Graduated Companies & Alumni

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Venture, Growth, & Private Equity

Sudan was one of Africa’s 10 fastest growing economies in 2020, and offers global investors major potential across several sectors with a significant pool of entrepreneurial talent

Alumni Entrepreneurs Testimonials

” I’d recommend anyone in Sudan with a bright idea to try and apply for any of their programs which would be highly beneficial to your startup. 249Startups community is one of their greatest assets. Through them, I learned to communicate my ideas better and adopt a positive business mindset when faced with challenges.”
Rawan Abdelkareem

Co-founder, HealthTech

“My business idea started as a hobby in 2018, then quickly became a full time job for me. Thanks to 249Startups and orange corner I was able to conquer my concerns of becoming a solo Entrepreneur. This program helped me develop my brand the right way from the start. If you’re looking for a place to learn, grow and build your startup, then this place is the perfect fit for you.”

Founder, Madeena Fashion

DataQ idea came to fruition in 2019 with the sole purpose of giving the people back the ownership of their data. At 249Startups programs I learned how to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace in Sudan and to adopt the preservation needed to succeed as a solo entrepreneur. The OC community gave me the feeling the companionship and solidarity. What I love the most about the space is its ambitious environment with a strong youth presence.
Samer Mohamed

Founder, DataQ

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