The COVirtual Hackathon will bring together experts of different fields, entrepreneurs and others with the aim of finding solutions to the challenges facing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) during this pandemic. As they are the most unguarded segment of the Sudanese economy, their survival and maintenance of operations during this crisis becomes concerning. This pandemic is bound to challenge MSMEs in every direction and would result in immense employability risks.

Our goal is to turn your ideas into solutions for the future. We are working to build a roster of partners and investors to fund the best ideas and bring solutions to life. If you can help us invest in our startups – please give us a shout .

Program Partners 

Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning | Ministry of labor and Social Welfare | Ministry of Social Development – State of Khartoum | United States Embassy in Khartoum | Haggar Group |  Orange Corners | Capital FM


We are welcoming support from everybody who wants to foster the hackathon – companies, universities, public and private organisations, networks who can help the hackathon team bring their solutions to life. Get in touch and contact Hiba@249startups.com !

What is #COVirtual Hackathon ?

Themes / Challenges

New and resilient business models challenge

تحدي نماذج الأعمال الجديدة والمرنة

Day workers challenge

تحدي العمالة اليومية

Remote Jobs & Employment challenge

 تحدي التوظيف و العمل عن بعد

Safe & healthy environment challenge

 تحدي البيئة الآمنة والصحية

Partners & Network

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